Continental European Trophy Show
                                      Rules and Regulations
Together with the G.B.F. the rules and regulations for the C.E.T.S. have been revised last March 2015. All correspondence will be done in English to make things easier for all partners.
As a result of this meeting every C.E.T.S. organized as from 2015 will be held according the following rules and regulations.
I.  Concerning The years and date :
The C.E.T.S. will be organized by the B.T.C.B. in Belgium on Easter every year.
II. Concerning the structure :
A. Bitches
1. Souperlative Trophy             =           Best White
2. Bramblemere Trophy            =   Best Coloured
3. CH. Phidgity Snowdream Trophy              =           Best Bitch

B. Dogs
1. CH. Harpers Howda Memorial Trophy      =           Best White
2. CH. Kingsfarm’s Bonny Boy Trophy        =           Best Coloured
3. Lenster Trophy = Best Dog

1. Bercrows Trophy                                   =           Best Mover

To participate on the events A1, A2 or B1, B2 :
1) Invitation will be given by the B.T.C.B., who will take info account the list of the participating dogs send in by the club.
No club can invite dogs of which the owner’s first place of domicile is not in the country of that club, even if he is a member of that club and other clubs in other countries. The dogs that will enter the C.E.T.S. competition will be known by the B.T.C.B. before the 15th of January of that year.
If for reasons unknown no list is available from an authorized country, then a committee will be appointed and be proposed of clubmembers from the concerning country and the surrounding countries.
This committee will, to the best of their knowledge, draw up a list of dogs most probable qualified to participate. The B.T.C.B. will have to respect this list.
III. Selection conditions for participation to the C.E.T.S. (for the invited Bull and Miniature Bull Terriers)
A. The showresults from the past year, considering the club- and CACIB shows.
◊ It is desirable that only dogs who have won CAC or CACIB certificates and are                                                                     winners of Club- or Speciality Shows, will be invited for the C.E.T.S.
◊ It is understood that all THE ORIGINAL TROPHY’S will remain in the possession of the B.T.C.B. who will see to it that the names of the winning dogs are mentioned in the Trophy’s register.
◊ The winners of the various Trophy’s will receive a Trophy mentioning the name of the original Trophy. All participants will obtain a souvenir to remember their participation.

B. 1. The invited (miniature) Bull Terriers for the C.E.T.S. cannot participate in the Clubshow which takes place on the Saturday before the C.E.T.S.
2.The winner and runner-up from the Clubshow held on Saturday of the CETS-weekend will not be allowed to participate in the C.E.T.S.

C. Only the winners of the LENSTER TROPHY and the CH. PHIDGITY           SNOWDREAM TROPHY are qualified for the TROPHY of BEST BULL TERRIER on the CONTINENT (C.E.T.S. TROPHY).
1. The B.T.C.B. will appoint 2 judges and 1 referee for the TrophyShow.
2. The B.T.C.B. will inform the judges about the rules and regulations of the Trophy Show.
3. For all Trophy Classes the winner and runner-up will be indicated by the judges.
4. The winner of a Trophy CANNOT be invited again for another C.E.T.S.
5. Miniature Bull Terriers and Bull Terriers can only be invited to participate for the C.E.T.S. up to 3 Times, No more.
Observation :
▪ it seems desirable to consider an alteration for this limitation and
                          say  : dogs can only be invited 2 times for the C.E.T.S.
▪ dogs and bitches bred and born on the continent will have the         permission to add to their Trophy : Best Miniature dog or bitch, Best White/Coloured dog or bitch, “ bred on the continent”.
MIND YOU, this goes only for Trophy winner NOT FOR THE RUNNER-UP.

Rules and regulations drawn up in March 1997 and revised in March 2015
And signed for agreement by the B.T.C.B. and the G.B.F.
Signed for agreement, the …………………….…………………………..2015.

The B.T.C.B. by the name of Sandra Van Steelandt-Bogaerts

The G.B.F. by the name of Ortlieb Lothary
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