On behalf of the Cets-society
I have the pleasure of inviting you
and your Bull Terrier - Mini Bull Terrier
to the
Continent Europe Trophy Show in Belgium
Bullterrier Finland 2022

Miniature Bullterrier:
Bullbugbear’s Thistlecrack
Rottwood Alexander The Great
Bullbugbear’s Jappeloup

Moolti Bohemia
Zhbanof Mandarinka
Diabolicstafs Efrosinia Atzalea
Careliabull’s Chip Shot
Bullbugbear’s Jimmerdora
Careliabull’s Breakaway
Bullbugbear’s Tilly Whittle
Bullbugbear’s Kuukuna
Standaard Bullterriers
Gentleman’s Legacy A-Game
Topforce Trip To Wonderwall 
Axtom Terra Norma
Wish For Life Rasels Bull
Undeniabull Queen Of Freaking Everything
Essential Element Timar
Bigshot Guitar Man
Obviously Baron Baiseman
Bullsunlimited Sky Full Of Stars 
Bullybash Ain’t Misbehavin’
Funbull’s Isla Black Swan