On behalf of the Cets-society
I have the pleasure of inviting you
and your Bull Terrier - Mini Bull Terrier
to the
Continental Europe Trophy Show in Belgium

Bullterrier Norway 2023
Garm De Canario Captain Conrad      
Martial Breed I am Zalto      
Krokko-dillens Yacare Hocico Ancho     
Quattro Paws Dior
Martials Breed Getting Fabulous  
Martials Breed Jackal the Best 
Potsu de Notsu Legacy Keeper


Not Negotiable at Pariben Norway
Bilboens Karis Knockout
Assosiated Sensation Pariben Norway
Buffalo Bulls Rambling Rose
Smash Hit at Pariben Norway
Trouble With Bliss at Pariben Norway
Clansmann Gypsie Flame
Trouble Shooter at Pariben Norway