Boromir MBT Black Hussaraya
Arts Of Acnell Super Trouper
Rebel Inc Alive in London
Glossy Black Cordovan
Mea Bella Lisa
Glossy Black Capri
Tinybulls Faith Hill
Vegalicious Shining Star
Skybar Niobe
Glossy Black Frozen Eminence
Vegalicious Cosmos
Demidreams Pennywise
Chill Out’s Savoir Faire
Shotsybulls Alpina

Buffalo Bull’s Quiet Lover
Bull’s of Midgård Ironman
Quest Fiable Florentin
Sangelsbull Hugo Boss
Buffalo Bull’s Rocky Road
Buffalo Bull’s Suzie Q
D-City True Magic
Mad About Mother of Angels
X-Cooper’s No Easy Way Out
Whispering Word’s Keep Distance

On behalf of the Cets-society
I have the pleasure of inviting you
and your Bull Terrier - Mini Bull Terrier
to the
Continental Europe Trophy Show in Belgium